Resinolia is a sustainable producer of essential oils and a global supplier of wild harvested resins from the “Ogaden”, a Somali Region in Ethiopia.


Resinolia was founded by an Ogaden native when he realized that although his hometown was rich in natural resources, the local community did not experience positive effects on the economy. Facing this problem, he sought a way to make a living whilst paying harvesters livable wages.



Our products are directly from the source with no middle man involved. We harvest the resins during the most recent season to ensure we provide our clients with the highest quality and freshest product. None of the trees are tapped.

For our Essential oils, we steam distill them in a state of the art facility to ensure quality. Additionally, we conduct GC/MS analysis for each distilled batch and offer it to our clients upon request. 

Empower to Restore

At Resinolia our founding principle is to empower local people in Ogaden by providing them with opportunities for employment and paying them livable wages. As our business grows, our goal is to restore the community by funding clinics, building schools, paving roads and many other projects.  

Current State

  • Most of our resins are wildly harvested in the region

  • The trees bleed naturally during the raining season and the resins are collected subsequently.

  • We do our best to ensure the safety, working conditions and fair pay of everyone involved in the process.

  • The land we source the resins from is part of our heritage and we derive from that community hence it is our moral obligation to take care of both.

Future Goals

  • Help conserve the trees by working with government officials to identify species and protect trees.

  • Educate locals on eco-friendly practices and importance of sustainable measures.

  • Pay livable wages to everyone involved.

  • Empower working women through education and provide sustainable income opportunities.

  • Help develop our communities by funding clinics, building roads and paving roads in the region.